2017 Volunteer Program 




Before signing up for any volunteer opportunities on SignUp you MUST fill out a 2017 Volunteer Program Risk and Release Waiver.  There is a link for this within each volunteer opportunity posting and they are located below.  This waiver only needs to be filled out one time annually.  There are two types of forms (Adult Participant and Minor Under 18 Years of Age). Please be sure to fill out the correct form!

-Volunteer Program Participant Risk and Release Waiver  This form is to be completed once a year, by each individual prior to showing up for your first scheduled volunteer project.

-Volunteer Program Minor Under 18 Years of Age Risk and Release Waiver This form is to be completed once a year, by the legal guardian of a volunteer under the age of 18 prior to showing up for their first scheduled volunteer project.


Here's how to sign up in three easy steps:

1) Click on the SignUp button below to see available volunteer opportunities.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com


2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up! It is free and easy!


Note: In order to create an account you must provide an email address, which will only be used to send you volunteer updates and confirmation notices, not junk mail.  If you have any problems with this part of the process please contact Claire at: info@growinggardens.org.


Volunteers are integral to our programs. YOU are making a difference! 



Community Gardeners Community Service Requirements

Four hours of Community Service time (per plot per year) must be given to participate in the Community Garden Program. This is in addition to maintenance of your plot and pathways. This will be tracked closely. Failure to complete and record these hours by the deadline will result in an invoice of $80 per unrecorded hour. There are many tasks needing to be completed and Growing Gardens is open to unique and creative suggestions. There are specific garden work days that will be scheduled throughout the season. Each work day will be supervised by a Garden Leader. All volunteer hours served must be logged on our website by the individual community gardener.

Large Group? 

In addition to the volunteer opportunities listed on SignUp, Growing Gardens always has more opportunities for large groups (over 10 people), including corporate groups and companies that are interested in volunteering with us.  If you have a large group, please contact Claire at info@growinggardens.org and she will guide you through the process of registering for a project that’s right for your group.


Staff contact: Claire, info@growinggardens.org


Thank you for continuing to support our mission and volunteering with us!



Growing Gardens Program Waivers